Nutrition Consultancy Services


Your diet is one of the most important weapons when it comes to health issues. Good health starts with eating right More than ever. health professionals at the Lifeline Hospitals are focusing on diet and the prime role it plays in health care of our patients.

Our nutrition expert will guide you on how diet can be used for persons with weight management problems. chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Ulcers. certain cancers. high blood pressure.cardiac conditions. sports performance and even stress management to achieve positive results.

Did you know. Sometimes unhealthy eating habits can cause unexpected health conditions. Unhealthy feeding is like putting the wrong fuel in a car and then expecting it to deliver its full power and performance. Without healthy eating. your body's engine will deteriorate.

Visit the The Lifeline Hospitals nutrition centre for advice on how you can get the best out of use your diet. People with chronic illnesses are highly encouraged to visit us.

Learn how to ward off serious illnesses like heart disease. certain cancers. mature-age onset diabetes. and gallbladder disease. Take advantage of the services of our nutrition consultants today.

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