At The Lifeline Hospitals. one of our goals is to help patients with heart disease access the highest care available. Heart diseases affect more than just the heart. We highly focus not only on the heart condition but also on the underlying cause. Our medical team has specialists able to diagnose and treat cardiac conditions. We have advanced diagnostic equipment through our diagnosic imaging departments to help our cardiac team during diagnosis. Don't let your heart condition deteriorate further.

ENT Services

We provide superior and timely consultative and diagnostic ENT services


Pediatricians look to maintain the healthy lives of children as they grow and mature.

Eye Care

Our eyes are some of the most important organs. They are sensitive and require great care.

Dental Services

Oral Health care is just as important as any other aspects of your health.

Orthopedic Unit

Don't let your current Orthopedic conditions hinder your life


Our physiotherapists have embraced technology and proven methods to offer our patients the best physio-therapeutic treatment.